Feature Request: XML format for import/export .ers files



I would like to suggest using XML as the format for the import/export feature. Adding paths into a schedule and then exporting it to use on another machine is problematic for several reasons:

1. With each version/format change, you have to write yet another
parser/decoder to translate the file to/from the internal schedule structure.
2. Use of any text editor to edit or create an Eraser schedule is not possible.
3. Use of a program to write out a text file and create a schedule automatically is not possible. For example, scanning a machine for software installed, and automatically adding the respective application's temporary or log locations to an Eraser schedule.
4. The current GUI form for adding a folder to a schedule is unusable for adding:
* Folders that don't yet exist
* Manually entering the path to a directory
* Folders with a wildcard

The last one is useful to start multiple erasings of cache directory forests.
For example, the content.IE5/1*, content.IE5/2*, content.IE5/3*, ...

Being able to generate a schedule "on-the-fly" with XML would be very useful.

But these are minor wishlist items for an already great application.