Feature requests?


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The SourceForge project page only has files. Where do we go about reporting bugs and asking for new features? Eraser is wonderful, but I feel what would make it better is that the users of the program itself contribute to the progression of the project.

In the latest instance, 5.8 was being criticised for the lack of testing (if any was done in the first place). Yes, I agree that two years has passed, and being an open-source project, two years for a new release would probably very well be considered abandoned (Look at Fedora and Ubuntu; they have predictable update cycles). If the project is starting to become a burden, I would also agree that the project should be handed to a team of developers who ould love to continue with the project.

Now, back to 5.8. How many of the new features were actually requested by the community of users? I'm pretty sure that many of us have requests and bugs and wishes that we wished would have been integrated into Eraser, however due to the slow development process the hopes of actually getting it decline greatly. Why not we set up a new forum just so users can contibute new ideas to be used in Eraser?

I myself find that Eraser has a few limitations, one of which is most painful in the neck. What happened to threading and consecutive execution? Unless the algorithms employed are not thread-safe, why can't two physical disks be wiped simultaneously? I have three harddisks, and to wait for hard disk 0 (120 GB) to finish wiping its free space before going on to harddisk 1 (250 GB), then to harddisk 2 (40 GB), will take hours upon hours! Why not tap unto the idling of the other two harddisks and wipe them at the same time? I don't know if this is possible because I havn't actually studied the algorithms employed (let alone its thread-safetiness), but even if they were not thread-safe, I believe that only minor work will be needed to make it so.