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often when I try to erase a file or files, like .txt, .avi, .... Eraser 6 like the old version Eraser 5.7 doesn't complete the task!
Version 6 writes that task is been executed, but I can see that files are not been removed.
So I have to create a new empty directory, move files inside, and erase that dir to remove that files!

Why? Is this a bug?
If detail is needed I'm here (I hava this problem under xp and vista)

This sounds like a permissions issue. Which version of Eraser are you currently running? Is there anything in the task log?

You may find that moving the files to the Recycle Bin and then erasing that gives better results.

Actually I use Eraser, but eraser 5.7 does too!
where can I read task log?
If you mean the little pop-up in the right-bottom corner that appears when I try to erase a file, it writes something like task executed...
You are using a development build, which may not be completely predictable. However, as you had the same problem with Eraser 5 (which has completely different code from Eraser 6), I shall assume that the build version is not the issue here.

In Eraser 6, you see the task log by right-clicking on the task in the Eraser Schedule window, and selecting 'View Task log'. You can select and copy entries from the log, and paste them into a message. If there is no relevant task in the Schedule window, create a task, run it from there, and see what happens.

Did you try using the Recycle Bin? Another approach (in Vista) is to close the Eraser running task (right-click on the little icon in the system tray, then select 'Exit Eraser', then right click on the Eraser icon on the Desktop and select 'Run as Administrator'. In XP, if you are running Eraser from an account that does not have administrative privileges, try running from one that does.