file browsing glitch


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when choosing a folder or file for scheduled or on demand erasing i ran into quite a glitch. as i got deeper into the folder tree in the browser window, say three or four folders in, the window started flashing, and the most recent folder or two that i had opened closed, leaving me to open them again. i managed to get about five levels down when the window started flashing rapidly, my pointer switching between hourglass and arrow in time with the window, and my computer stopped responding. a three-finger salute enabled me to end the eraser process. i was able to re-create this with every try. i updated to the latest eraser version, but nothing changed. i was on my XP pro desktop, so i decided to try my vista laptop. to my surprise, i not only managed to re-create the problem on my vista laptop, but it promptly hung the whole machine and required a hard reboot. i haven't heard of anyone else having this problem, but two different versions on two different OSes seems a little extreme. any ideas?
No idea.

I looked at the code and can't fix it. I don't think we will be able to find the time to fix this bearing in mind v5 is in a feature freeze and replacing the dialog will be quit a bit of work. I'd rather concentrate to get v6 (or, a beta) out of the door before doing anything else.