File deletion as user in WinXP


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It isn't possible for me to delete some files as a user (Administrator privileges required) while others I can delete.
I can not find any differences with the privileges of the files. Same is with secure move.
Can somebody help me please?
Hello Overwriter, thanks for your care!

Yes, I am absolutly shure. The whole disk and all files belong to everybody.
Could it be a windows system file ?

Can you give a better example ? What file type, different users folder, log in as different user etc.
No, it's not a system file. It's all types of files. Some I can delete, others not.
Why I don't know. Same for Folders! All are fully accessable to everybody.
Sorry that I am so late.

Yes, and it is not the drive with the system on it.

Tomorrow I will be here again.
Try posting the list of files that won't be erased if it does not constitute a privacy leak.