File Errors after running Eraser



I ran Eraser for the first time on my C and D drives and got alot of errors in in the error box after running it on my C drive. The errors said unable to delete files for what looked like most of them were in the Windows folder and Documents\Application folder. When I ran it on my D drive it ran with no errors.

Is this normal? To get alot of errors when running on your main Windows drive?

Again... How did you 'run' Eraser on those drives? What did you do?
I'm assuming you had the 'Cluster Tip Area' checked when running erasing Unused Disk Space. The reason the 'errors' appear is because those files are locked and cannot be cleaned. There is nothing wrong with what's happening :)

Same thing happened to me on both c and d drives and no wiping of free space..I took the advice of another forum contributer and got the evaluation version of bcwipe...fantastic..although not freeware