"File Locked Error"


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Sometimes, not always, when I try to right click and erase one file, I get a "File Locked Error". I can delete the one file to the recycle bin and eraser will erase it from there. If I select two or more files. they all are erased. None of the files are open or in use at the time. I am using Eraser 5.82. I haven't been able to see a pattern.
I've had this problem happen before, not very often, but it has happened. All I can think is that some process is still locking the file though I don't know why. Usually waiting a few seconds and retrying cures the problem, the other method being (as you said) to delete to the recycle bin and then erase.

I still use Eraser 5.7 so it has to be a process issue rather than something unique to a particular release of eraser.