file shreders


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which is better and why
Cyberscub or Erasure
Has anyone tried both or had any mega probs
For flat out security, definetly Eraser. It's open & better yet, free.

CyberScrub is not the original company name of that particular product (East-Tec), information about the product/source is minimal, and it isn't free. That's not to say it doesn't work, or doesn't have better/more features, but the product integrity doesn't compare to Eraser.


NEVER use encrypters or wipers that don't open their source code. they are notorious for leaving backdoors for themselves and law enforcment. only use programs that open their source code because many people check over them to make sure there are no backdoors.
Re: dont

GuestOfNow said:
many people check over them
Opening the source does not necessarily make things secure. In the end, there are very few people who are both qualified to audit the code and actually bother/have the time to read it. Still, having the source code is better. I wouldn't trust closed source encryption software either.