File System format ReFS


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I was wondering if anything was being planned to implement support for the ReFS file system?

I had just rebuilt my media server PC and used ReFS as the file system on my data drives.
I always use eraser to delete things by default and had not tried it lately.
I first tried wiping the free space and that failed, then tried a test file and that also failed.
The log says the ReFS file system is not supported.

The fact that almost noone uses ReFS outside of server space does not escape me but i was wondering if there were any plans to support it or not.
I also know that Google Drive does not support being on ReFS so its not uncommon to ignore that file system.
This is a redundant File system - redundant as in it can repair itself which is not good news for eraser type applications. Free space erase should in theory still work as it fills up the disk to the max and then zerofills the files.

We will do some experiments when time permits.