Filenames on FAT table.. erase them?



I'm unclear if Eraser is supposed to do this, but if it's not does anyone know of a way to do this...

When I erase files (with Eraser - latest version) the files are unrecoverable, however when I run an undelete program the filenames in most cases are still there on the fat table (I'm assuming the filenames are in the fat table)... is there a way to get rid of those filenames?

When I run an undelete program in any method (cluster scan, etc) I dont want any filenames to appear even if they are not recoverable (or in poor quality).

I've run the Wipe Free Diskspace feature a couple times, but the filenames are still there...

Am I clear on what I want to accomplish? and does anyone know how to do this...
Is it turned on in the EDIT, PREFERENCES, ERASING, Files and also Unused Disk Space sections? I use Eraser 5.6 in win98SE and it works fine. Hope that can help...
The problem is the filenames are ghost entries. The best solution would be to try and edit the sectors directly. A dangerous move but it will get those files.