Filenames still recoverable after erasing cluster tips


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Filenames are still recoverable after erasing cluster tips in Windows 7 with the latest Eraser v6.0.6

The files had been deleted with shift-delete and not Eraser.

How to erase the filename history?
The short answer to your question is: you can't unless you also erase the containing folder. Please see the discussion in this thread. This is, essentially, a function of the way the file system is designed, with folders containing forward references to file names and so on.

If file names themselves are going to contain sensitive information, users will do well to consider how the files are stored from the outset, so that secure deletion is possible. Another approach is to encrypt files within a container that hides the names. I don't think that there is any one solution to this problem.

Cluster tips are quite separate entities; they have nothing to do with file names as such.