files/folders to erase in firefox using windows 7


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Can anyone tell me how to find the files/folders to erase in firefox using windows 7. How do I find them.
I read Joel's 2009 post on this topic but am having trouble finding all the relevant files/folders.

Thanks for any help
Could you link me to the post you found? I think it may need updating.
Even though the post is more than a month old, this is a significant question, not least because more recent versions of Firefox have added new items to the list of files/folders to be deleted.

My current Eraser Firefox task does the following (all folders/files are in the Firefox profile folder):
  • erases everything in the Cache jumpListCache and OfflineCache folders (the latter will not always be present, but include it when it appears;
  • erases the files cookies.sqlite, places.sqlite, sessionstore.js, sessionstore.bak, urlclassifier3.sqlite, formhistory.sqlite and downloads.sqlite.
This list may be different for you, and may change over time. A good tip is to use CCleaner to produce an analysis after you have run your Eraser task; any Firefox profile files that CCleaner then proposes for deletion or erasure should then be added to your Eraser Firefox task (running CCleaner just to clear your Firefox data is overkill).

I am using a registry cleaner,but as you told here about cc cleaner,I feel it more nice. Can you please tell me which one is the good :mrgreen:
They do different jobs. A registry cleaner does as it says. CCleaner is, in essence, a file cleaner, clearing out all the clutter (such as logs, history, caches and cookies) that applications leave on your system. CCleaner knows where to look on your system for clutter from a whole range of Windows components and applications. The files can be either deleted or overwritten/erased, though there are fewer erasing options than with Eraser. CCleaner does not have Eraser's ability to do targeted erasing of particular files and folders, and has no ability to define specific user tasks (though users can choose whether or not to allow the removal of individual items it suggests). I regard Eraser and CCleaner as complementary and use them both side by side.

Apart from its main task of file cleaning, CCleaner has a number of other tools, one of which is a registry cleaner (which I use). I find that different registry cleaners tend to target different things, so using the cleaner in CCleaner alongside your existing cleaner may not be a bad thing to do.

Hope this explains things.