Files Found After Erase Used Space


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I've been using eraser in various forms for some time now. I erase individual files using Gutmann but I use either 3 or 7 pass for the Unused Disk Space.

I have been trying to sanitise my PC and trying to delete old files, passwords, webpages etc and I have used a 7 pass to do this.

I have then used PCtools File Recover software to check the disk. Using the Quick scan it finds nothing there. However, when I use the Advanced Scan with the Deep Scan option it finds files - it gives no names for the files but it does say what they are eg. jpeg/avi/zip etc. They are shown in unallocated clusters on my drive and I am able to recover them to my PC and view them.

Can anyone here explain what is happening and why eraser is not able to completely wipe the unused disk space?

Hi RichN

Are you saying that you can actually view a previously deleted and overwritten jpg or avi ?

I am guessing here but I think due to the random overwrite I guess you have just happened to come across some randomly named files with a .(whatever) extension.

Are you using Eraser 5.7 or 5.8 ? This is important as 5.8 is faulty and is awaiting help with maintenance.
Are you using any unerase application and have you wiped the trash can?

Also run
chkdsk /f

from the command then reboot. There may be corruption in the allocation table .