Files To Wipe II

Scott K. Smith

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On February 27, 2002 "euroboy" posted the following excellent question:

To all the old timers [those who have used eraser for a long time] it would be nice if some could list the files that should be be wiped as per their "on demand list". As a newbie I would encouraged to see what the Profs are doing and what / where the files are, that should be deleted....


"Scott" responded to the post with a great deal of extremely useful information except that it only applied to Windows XP ! :(

(Scotts ideas about using batch files would, of course, apply in either case.)

I would be very appreciative of someone providing similar information as it relates to Windows 9X (Im running 98SE)

Thank you!

-Scott Smith
Your kidding right? Well if you aint, then I have to say that WIndows 9x is much simpler to look after than Windows2000/XP, the reason being is 2000/XP stores data in a lot more places than 9x.

As for 9x and index.dat files, just look under the c:windows... hierachy. That is where the Temp Internet Files, Cookies and History folders are stored for Internet Explorer. Of course if you dont have IE (98lite setup perhaps), then just refer to the respective postings in this forum for Netscape and Opera, and setup Eraser to wipe read mail and the browser cache.

Thats all there is to Win9x, as there isnt many more secret hidden data files left scattered around the OS.