Files Visible But Data Not There...


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Hi. I love Eraser.
While I don't wear a tin-foil hat,
I can apprieciate the 35-pass setting.
I've been using Eraser for years.
Never had a problem.
Until today.
Now for our question.
Last night, downloaded the latest version.
We did a "Wipe free space on C".
When we came back at the completion,
folders were still on the desktop and files
were still in the folders.
Everything looked good.
Until we tried to open a file.
The files have size and properties.
They just don't have data.
The files can be transfered via memory stick
to another machine and then you can see the data.
I've narrowed the problem down to Excel and PDF file types.
The DOC's open with visible data just fine.
Is there a setting that we've overlooked
or that may have changed?

Thank you.

Same for me

Eraser 5.81 destroyed files of a whole partition when erasing UNUSED DISK SPACE with the new method "Only first and last 2KB".

I'm very unhappy about that.