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Hello everybody!

I know that when you delete something from the recycle bin, it isn't really gone. You can use special software or little tricks to retrieve the files. However, I wish to permanently delete files and Eraser seems like the right program. But just one before we get started: Where exactly do you find the files that the recycle bin "deletes"?

Thanks everyone!
Hi noob_saibot.

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The previously deleted files are exactly where you left them but they have just had their headers removed so Windows Explorer etc cannot see them.

They are in an area on the drive known as free space, when you want to overwrite these files you would install Eraser and right click your drive (Local Disk C) and select the “Erase Unused Space” option.

What happens then is Eraser overwrites data to the entire free space of your hard drive with the pattern of your choice. A single random pass is quickest and probably all you need.

If you Erase a file with Eraser before sending it to the recycle bin and deleting it with Windows you won’t need to overwrite your free space in order to destroy that file.