finished the gutmann, now when i install windows xp, reset


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so i spent 50+ hours on my harddrive doing a gutmann wipe. i have tried to install windows xp. it works for a while then once it finishes formatting and installing on the blue screen, it says at the bottom

saving settings
computer resetting

it doesnt even get to the point of were it boots into xp and creates the start menu and stuff like that. it just freezes right at 100% of copying files on blue screen mode. it just resets and id have to go through the entire process again, which ive tried, it doesnt work....

ive tried 2 copies of windows xp, and there is nothing. also my computer will sometimes detect harddrive, and sometimes it will sometimes register my hd and my two disk drives, then other times they wont even show up on first boot up.

ive tried working my BIOS and CMOS, there isnt anything wrong with it from what i can see. ive tried a bunch of differnt settings and nothing

ive also tried taking the mb battery out, disconnecting everything and waiting an hour and still nothin.

im at my wits end here and getting pissed off here, please help me here. and yes both copies of windows work for me.