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I am a new computer person. I have a basic understanding, but I cannot get eraser to work. Am I doing something wrong? I have VISTA, and computer is 7 months old TOSHIBA. Is Firefox the problem? I have my finances and items that are personal. Trying to be safe. Help? Thanks, Doc in Virginia.
Perhaps you could share what errors you are seeing?

The program just stops. It does not do anything. I am wondering if it was because I use FIREFOX and not IE. (?) I took a friends advise and went with firefox, do to her statement that it had a lot more 'possibilities'. Should I switch back to IE? Will I loose my bookmarks if I do? I even downloaded a second security eraser. (states good at shredding financial stuff and personal logs). It does not work either.

I do not make a whole lot of money, so I go with freeware and shareware. (trying to help my son financially who is going into the USN soon) Any Advice on IE OR a program?

Thanks a bunch, guys and gals!
Firefox shouldn't cause any problems. However, with this limited amount of information I don't really see any problem. hat do you mean by it just stops? Do you see any error message? Any dialogues popping up?