First-last 2k with failing hdd


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I've got a hdd which most likely has its read/write head spoilt. Now, it sometimes can be detected by winxp, sometimes not. When it can, I'll try to recover any file possible. Usually after recovering some files, it'll start making some noise and it'll just hang my comp. i'll 've to wait for sometimes b4 I can do it again.

Now, I've got most files recovered and I need to securely erase some files, b4 I RMA my hdd. I'm trying to do as little read/write as possible on the hdd since it is going to fail vey soon. And I must securely erase some files b4 the hdd becomes permanently inaccessible. After deleting the file, I use first-last 2k in the recyle bin since it is the fastest and it seems to use the least write. However, how secure is this mtd? I can't fnd much description abt it. Can the contents (e.g. filename n data) be recovered?

Is it a good idea to use Darik's Boot and Nuke all the hdd? I guess the hdd 'll probably fail b4 the operation can complete.

Thank you very much.
Why don't you just send the harddisk for disposal? If you aren't giving it away then just watch the people physically destroy your hard disk.

Thanks for the reply.

However my hdd is still under warrenty, so I decided to do a RMA. I wonder how good is First-last 2k? Some idle ppl may try to peak into the data after it's repaired since the hdd platter seems to be fine...
First-last 2k as it name implies only erases the first and last 2 kb of the file. the remainder of the file is not touched. That data is easily recoverable.

Oh thank you. In that case, what about the filename or its extension? After using First-last 2k to empty the recycle bin, will they be still visible? Or is it be some garbage filename?

Sorry to ask some many questions. My hdd is now finally dead and I can detect it at all or do anything. I have no experience with secure deleting at all. Thank you so much.