Floppy disk in dos format was not found



Hi everyone,

hope someone could help me with the problem im facing. I've created a dban boot disk to wipe out my hard drive.After wiping is completed, dban will say "DBAN succeeded. All selected disks have been wiped."

There will also be a log file which you can save. However when i click enter to save the log file, it always prompt me "Floppy disk in dos format was not found". Shouldnt the log file be saved in the dban boot disk?

I inserted another floppy disk but still the message occurs. How do i check what went wrong? Tried using dban 1.0.3 & 1.0.4.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!!
You cannot save the log file to a USB floppy drive. Past that, you must provide more information about your equipment.
hi dajhorn,

u are amazing!!. yes i am using a USB floppy drive and am wiping out a HP nc6000 notebook which does not come with a built in floppy drive.

so i guess i have to live with it then.no log files when using USB floppy drive.

Thanks a lot!!! really appreciate it!!