folder duplicated, now "missing" after task interruption.


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was running a number of tasks on an external drive when the machine was shut down. After start up I found that the folder [and all surrounding subfolders] in which I was running the tasks appeared to have been duplicated. No additional space was being taken up, and opening one subfolder or adding a file in one instance of the duplicated folder appeared to make the same change in the other. However, I renamed the duplicate folder and attempted to erase single files within it. Following this, both instances of the duplicated folder and all subfolders have seemingly "disappeared". [The space on the drive has not been altered, yet there is no sign of the folders - they are not hidden, and no file recovery programs I have tried have located the folders.]

Any attempts to run eraser tasks on the drive now leave folders which cannot be opened, moved, or deleted. Is there anything that can be done to rectify this, or any ways to resolve the problems with the aforementioned folders?
Re: folder duplicated, now "missing" after task interruption

Eraser cannot duplicate folders on its own. My first thought would be that you have some kind of file system problem. I suggest that you run the disk checker on the drive in question without delay; usually, Windows will ask to do this on reboot.