Folder with large number of files


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Hi All,

I've been regularly doing a 'free space' cleanup. I've got into the habit of doing this fairly regularly after being stung by a malicious attack that left a lot of undesired files in my free space that appeared 'deleted'.

Anyway - since doing the free space erasure I've noticed that 'Eraser' gets to the end and I'm always getting the message 'completed with errors'. I've also noticed that after a little while my hard drive is completely FULL, and that when I go into the folder with the largest file sizes it's absolutely chocker block with randomly named files. I'm guessing that this is the system that Eraser uses to clear the 'free space' but I just want to be sure that this is the case. I've deleted the folder without causing any problems so far, but I'm paranoid about malicious attacks now (as we all probably should be).

I'm not concerned if it's just a aboration of Eraser. I am very concerned if I'm being subjected to the same (or similar) malicious attack. A trojan or similar that is filling my hard disk is the last thing I want right now!!!

I'm running Windows XP if that's of any assistance.
Yeah, that's the technique Eraser uses to clear free space.