following problem


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i have windows 7 with uac settings to none i tried running eraser.exe and then trying to delete recycle.bin because i was getting this error c:\$recycle.bin\etcetcetc permission denied after this i was reading and did so it prompted me a message that eraser when started as admin will close a running process of eraser.exe in order to delete the recycle.bin succesfully, i did so, when i returned to desktop and right click and choose 7 DoD it erased well but i did not look how many bytes where erased but there was no error message like the one above does that indicate that everything went fine? i have eraser 5.8.8 i did not look at the notification area if eraser.exe as nonadmin was properly closed i trusted the prompt dialog that appeared when running eraser.exe as admin, how can i prove that everything went fine,

thank you

p.s. i was getting this error previously viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5694