Font corruption?


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I've been having problems with fonts on my computer for awhile. Seemingly at random, they go "blank". The files are there and everything...but when you go to preview the font nothing is there. This causes applications to either substitute an awful font for the missing one, or just print out nothing when it uses that font. It happens to both system fonts and fonts I have installed. Today I finally came to the realization that this happens after a free space wipe with Eraser 5.7. Is eraser known to cause this, and what if anything can I do about it?
I remember someone posting something similar to this in the early days of me visiting this board, and before I registered. That would probably be about late 2004 to mid-2005. The advice for fixing the font problem was by rebooting after running a free space wipe in eraser (5.7), as irongeek has stated he has done.

I've never had the problem simply because I always rebooted the computer after doing a free space wipe (with v5.7) from the first time I used the program anyway. The problem seemed to be caused by a bug in Windows when a free space wipe touched the cluster tips of the font files. However, the advice given at the time was to reboot the computer after every free space wipe.