For the love of god do I need some help here please.


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I've conquered the internet trying to find a solution to my problem but I can't find it. Posted on a couple other forums with no help. So I'm hoping this will get some responses :(

OK so I download the CD version for DBAN. When the ISO file downloads, I need to unpack it with winrar. Once unpacked, there is no ISO file anywhere. I've downloaded it a thousand times and tried a thousand things and now I'm out of options.

There is no option to burn the file once downloaded because it downloads and transforms into a stupid winrar file. You know, the file says the file name and it has the stupid three books as the icon. So when unpacked I don't have any ISO file to burn. What in God's name is wrong here?
have a look at this from the official DBAN support forum: ... _id=208932

The person was trying to find the ISO from the file he had downloaded but in actual fact the downloaded file WAS the ISO.

I don't know if that applies to yourself but I know that when when you run DBAN on CD, the ISO file unpacks a number of files, I assume it has a self-extracting file in there (that runs under Linux, I believe). Perhaps it is the ISO you are attempting to open in a Windows environment? Hence why it is asking for a program to extract the files?