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The Eraser Project Team has been developing Eraser V6 this last year and it is nearing completion. Eraser V6 is a complete rewrite of the classic Eraser V5. This is not a simple patching or updating task but a 100% fresh start written with all the knowledge gained from the original V5 and all the advantages that brings with it.

As Erasers developers take the secure deletion of data very seriously they are asking anyone with an interest in security particularly in the forensic and data recovery fields to assist in confirming Erasers unrivalled ability to securely overwrite data. This is what is known as peer review and as every security conscious individual will tell you without peer review there is no security !

To save valuable development time The Eraser Project Team ask that anyone wishing to assist in peer reviewing Erasers code, performance and functionality would be of good standing within the industry of computer forensics or data recovery.

The Eraser Project Team understand that well meaning individuals may wish to assist in testing but may not possess the adequate qualifications or skills to perform a competent analysis of Erasers performance and output. Although very grateful for any analysis The Eraser Project Team ask that enthusiastic amateurs perhaps post their findings on the Eraser forum for discussion rather than trying to contact the developers directly.

If you are someone who is qualified to assess Erasers performance and you would like to volunteer your services to the open source community please contact me via PM.

Thank you.
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