Forensic tools for you to try.


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It came to my attention that the following foresnic tools were used in a recent high profile (Florida) trial to uncover internet history of the accused.

HstEx and NetAnalysis. The offer a free 30 day trial . Easy to download and install. I have been trying them as time permits for a couple of days. the procedure seems to be to use HstEx to recover deleted files to a folder, then use NetAnalysis to analyze the results.

I suspect these could be useful to eraser developers to test effectiveness.
Just a little follow up on this. After wiping (one pass) with CCleaner these forensic tool recovered a little history, and 99% was gibberish. Additional passes did not get rid of it. After wiping with Eraser these high end tools got nothing. Zip. I used only one pass with eraser.
Seems to the that cleaning with CCleaner enhanced, then wiping with eraser is the way to go.
The disclaimer is that my testing was not lenghty due to time constraints. Never assume any tool is 100%.
Thanks. Garrett has been quite busy playing with FTK and friends... hopefully he reads this.
Aryson Technologies has also number of forensic tools that helps in data recovery and email management.

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