free space and unused space


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what is the difference of free space on my disc and unused space and when i erase unused space am i affecting or putting at risk the free space on my disc
free space and unused space are literally the same thing. And a wipe of free space shoudn't hurt your computer as it avoids your files.
I have "Tune-up Utilities 2006". It has a undelete utility, I can search for a file I accidentally deleted from the recycle bin. But if I don't specify a file it will show me all files that are in free space. The files in free space that I see are quite alarming, old system files. Some system files from the same day, it is when I highlight the date that the time appears.System files get updated/modified from time to time. Small changes, but the file changes none the less. I get worried that I might need these files. I have a empty file on my desktop that I put these files in to see if I get a error message before I finely delete(erase) them.