Free Tool for SQL Server Suspect Database Repair

Rohan Wiese

Steps to Repair SQL Server Suspect Database Manually

Here are the two simple methods for SQL Server Suspect Database (MDF) Repair
Manual as well as third-party SQL Suspect Repair application to repair SQL Server Database Suspect error without any data loss.
  1. Browse SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and connect your Suspect SQL Server database
  2. Select the New Query option
  3. Turn off the suspect flag on the database and set it to EMERGENCY
  4. EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘db_name’;
  6. Perform a consistency check on the master database
  7. DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’)
  8. Bring the database into the Single User mode and roll back the previous transactions
  10. Take a complete backup of the database
  11. Attempt the Database Repair allowing some data loss
  12. DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)
  13. Bring the database into the Multi-User mode
  15. Refresh the database server and verify the connectivity of database

How to Fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database

When we want to talk with the relational database then SQL comes into the picture and helps the users to communicate with the database. SQL takes the input from the users in the High-level language and then access converts the code into the machine-understandable form. SQL does take the recovery of the database files but sometimes SQL Database Recovery pending stage comes into the account which halts the process of recovery and puts the relational database in recovery pending state. In this article, various methods will be provided to you to fix the recovery pending state in the SQL server database.

Reasons that Put SQL Database in Recovery Mode

SQL server recovery pending can be because of the improper shut down of the system during the parsing of certain transactions in the database.

When you do have not ample space in your hard disk then or RAM then sometimes running of the various queries results in SQL database recovery pending state. Various users move their Log files so that the throughput of the system can be increased but in transferring the SQL files their data gets damaged which forces the database in recovery pending state.

Original Source: Fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database - DZone Database
Corruption can lead to inaccessibility on the database files, and they are tagged as a suspect. To repair SQL database files, a reliable recovery solution is mainly needed. This recovery software can perform SQL Server Recovery with utmost accuracy and restore SQL database contents. Standard and Advanced recovery modes to handle minor and major corruption respectively.
Sometimes, due to the damaged files, the database gets marked as Suspect mode, it becomes inaccessible during the startup of SQL Server. This indicates that the database is marked in suspect mode. Many users face these types of issues while connecting to a SQL Server. I recently encountered the same problem and searched for the solution on Goggle and read a blog that provides two methods to recover SQL database in the suspect method.

The first method is the manual approach which involves performing the steps manually. The Manual approach is a lengthy process and requires lots of patience, and sometimes does not provide a reliable result. That's why I go for the Professional solution MS SQL Repair tool. It is a risk-free utility to recover the corrupted SQL database items, which involve tables, views, programmability, triggers, defaults, etc.