My Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't turn on or charge, constant blue LED, already tried the various button combos (that get repeated fifty times everywhere as the answer to every issue apparently). Happened without any physical damage to the phone, after it happened I swapped the battery to a new fresh one, still no luck.
Anyways, I was wondering if there's a way to recover the internal storage? Googling just brings up several scam sites and a site that wants to charge $39.95 for evaluation (let alone the actual recovery).
Also while I'm asking, is there any recent phone that doesnt do this worthless internal-only storage/battery garbage? I dont give a shit about glass backs and waterproofing compared to being able to avoid situations like this and not needing to disassemble and expose the motherboard just to change a lithium battery when it dies after 3 years.
Before fix the broken Galaxy S6, I want to extract all data from my dead Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer, including contacts, SMS, photos and videos, then I search in Google search to find a solution to fix a dead Galaxy S6 and retrieve files.
I see this aritcle say the U.Fone Broken Android data recovery can retrieve data from broken or d ead Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, here is the guide: How Can I Retrieve Lost Data from Broken/Dead Galaxy S6/S6 Edge? , but the program costs $39.95, is it worth to buy it? The program really can fix crashed, frozen, locked Android phone to normal and extract files on Windows?

I want to know any few way to recover data from borken Samsung Galaxy S6, is the Samsung Smart Switch or Samsung Kies can restore data on a broken Galaxy S6? Thanks to sharing some free and userful tutorials.
Many users may think the deleted data cannot be view and recover if they are removed from Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG mobile devices. Whatever happened to your Android mobile phone, no matter rooted, accident deletion, damaged, broken or factory restore reset, Android data recovery tool have the ability to scan and recover data from broken samsung galaxy s6 for you. The whole process is easy to operate.
how to recover contacts on broken android phone
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