Freeing unused space?


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Well I have attempted to locate a topic with someone having the same issue but have yet to find anything.

I am running windows vista 64bit ultimate an while i didnt disable the UAC during the install I did install the program using full admin rights. Everything looks like it works and its running smooth all around but one option isnt working correctly clearly we can tell its the freeing unused space option via right click local c drive.

Im running 5.86.1 and when I attempt to use this option it gives me the following.


Erased area = 0 bytes

Cluster tips = 0 bytes

Data written = 0 bytes

Write time = 0.00 s

Error: Erasing the Free Space of a drive requires elevation
Error: Erasing the Free Space of a drive requires elevation
Error: Failed to erase file names from drive C:\, don't know why exactly.

Any ideas im going to attempt to search some more on the forums in an attempt to locate my issue.

Edit: Ok found a simi fix for it clearly it has to do with running the app as an admin seeing as I can do this via the scheduler just not the hotkey is there any known fix to make it so I can right click the drive via my computer an run this without any issue?
To answer your postscript, no. You'll need to use v6 for that.