Freespace cleaning on vista


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I have Eraser 5.88 beta installed one on my computers with vista and I noticed when downloading the program that it cleans the free space of all of the old computers but does not mention Vista. Will it clean Vista freespace?
Another problem with the program, after the cleaning session it can be programed to shut down the computer but it does not for some reason can I fix this?
I would like to say that the program dispite it few faults is a very good program and i like it very much. Carmen
Eraser 5 works on Vista, but not as well as on XP. It is also an obsolete version, which is no longer supported. I'm afraid that, as I no longer have it on my machine, I cannot help you with the shutdown issue.

The current version is Eraser 6.0.7, which is designed to work on Vista and Windows 7. However, it is completely re-written, and has a quite different look and feel from Version 5, so it is best to think of it as a new program. Also, with Vista and Windows 7, the changes to the security model are such that user intervention is required on occasions.

If you decide to try Eraser 6 on your Vista machine, and have already installed Eraser 5, uninstall that first. Then before using Eraser 6, use the link to the FAQ in my signature, and read the topic on 'Getting to Know Eraser 6'.

Does 607 have the ability to keep it tasks. I one I first tried needed to be reset after each run and that became rather tedious. The 5.88 i have can retail all it tasks , I want to upgrade but if it can not keep its tasks I might as well stay with the 588 model. Carmen
cbarlettalcc said:
Does 607 have the ability to keep it tasks.
If you mean save a task for repeated use, then yes. Again, please read the FAQ topic I referred you to.

Hi, I tried to clean my free space on my vista with eraser and it frose about 90% done with only 15 meg of free space left. Then after I turned the computer on again after turning it off, the Microsoft verication came on which claimed my computer was a fake copy and it would not accept my product key. I had to use my Comodo Time Machine to set the computer back or I would have lost it. What happened? I used Eraser before like this and never had a problem? The Time Machine is something new could that be the problem. Thanks Carmen
The computer time issue was almost certainly the problem; I don't see how a free space erase could have caused it.

Stopping towards the end of a free space erase is a known problem with 6.0.7, and is documented in the FAQ. What usually happens is that Windows insists on intervening when disk space is getting low (which is happening by design with the free space erase, of course). Recent nightly builds contain code to deal with this issue, and I haven't had the problem with these builds.