Freespace erase help


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Hi there.

I just upgraded (ie. not clean install) to windows Vista (x86) and was happy until last night. I had forgotten that I had scheduled Eraser to erase my free space periodically, and so it tried to erase my free space. Unfortunatley, it froze, and this morning I came back to it and found it frozen. It had left the drive with only 20kb of free space. I was able to free up a bit, but would like to be able to get back the 6-10GB of space that was on the disk previously. I went through the steps in the FAQ, but there was no .tmp file to delete, and running a chkdsk multiple times did not fix the problem. I am running v5.8.

Is there any way to 'remove' the data that eraser wrote?
Hi Factoid,

Are you using v5.8 or 5.82? Just to be safe, may want to get latest ver.

In general, for any new vers of an OS, it is wise to look before you leap, regarding using apps like Eraser that have much potential for disaster. I know you said running Eraser was unintentional.

Do you have Restore enabled (I assume Vista still has this)? Or some other backup / image restore method? These would be possibilities.

I assume you did a full search for the *.tmp file that Eraser creates, specifying to look for "Search System Folders, Hidden Folders, Subfolders". Specify the date(s) when Eraser ran (may have spanned past midnight).

I'm no expert on this prob, but search this forum for posts on this prob. I've seen quite a few.