Freespace Wipe Question



I have used Eraser for a long time. I am now using Garrett's latest version. I have done some checking with Directory Snoop and a couple of other file restoration programs and found Eraser to be doing a great job. My one question concerns wiping filenames in the ROOT directory. It seems to zero-out with a ? in Directory Snoop (I'm checking a FAT32 volume), but all filenames in the ROOT are still visible. I have tried several times - any ideas on why in the folders it is wiping filenames using the Freespace wipe function, but not the C: root?

Not happening here, created a simple text document on the root of C:\ and then had a look with Directory Snoop, the file name ended up as a load of garbled text, with a date of 1/1/80 and a size of 0.

This is on Win2K SP4, Fat32.