freespace wipe


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Please help me to learn how to run this program. Each time I run erase freespace I lose one gigabite of hard disk space, and it seems that not all of the deleted files are removed. I have run it three times, and have lost three gig of space, this is too much to sacriface. Is there a way I can regain it? I have searched for the tmp. file ERAFSWD.TMP and cant find it.Someone please help.
I suggest you:

1. run Scandisk
2. in explorer under options tick on show hidden files
3. search again for era*.* use Filefind if necessary.

Thanks for the comeback Garrett. I forgot all the vital info you need to give me help. I am running Windows ME, and have tried to wipe freespace to eliminate some files that I view on the Medicare electronic summary notice site, which shows past claim service including my ss number in PDF format, which I would rather not have sitting on my hard disc. (I had a trojan horse infection,backdoor charge, which I eliminated with a format and recover.) I am thinking that maybe the files I am seeing and recovering with PC Inspector, using find *.pdf, are in the swap file since they were never saved to my hard disc. If so I guess I have to live with the problem or quit using the service. The big thing I need to do is get back that lost 3 gig of space. The only thing I found searching era*.* was the directory location and support files for eraser. Show hidden files is turned on.
Thanks again for any help you can give me.

A suggestion for your file remains:
1. Enable clear swapfile on shutdown.
2. Clean out all temp files. Search for *.tmp
3. Empty the recycle bin.
3. Get spiderbite - it cleans index.dat + is free
4. Run a freespace wipe I suggest you defragment and re-run
freespace wipe.

For your trojan problem I have The Cleaner by moosoft and zonealarm + norton AV. I am sure there are many other options in that area best to check the newsgroups for who is top of todays list in these tools.

For the lost space issue. I suggest you use file find and search for files changed around the time you last ran freespace wipe.