Full Disk Encryption, and consequences for Eraser.


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Since FDE encrypts unused disk space and all the disks space in general,
this would make the use of wipe-tools like Eraser in theory no longer
essential, but this wont keep anyone who has stolen your pre-boot
password (or forcing it out of you) from restoring any of your
previously deleted files, which where deleted without the use of Eraser. So
with a security and privacy prospective in mind, this solution is no
longer as attractive as it first seemed.

My question is... Can one still remain using Eraser in conjunction with Full
Disk Encryption without having as a consequence, data corruption due to
the wiping of unused disk space and or file space in general.

Ive done allot of searches on multiple forums without ever posting the
direct question myself, but I didn't came up with right answers.
Probably because posts that have anything to do with these sort of
subjects get removed or mysteriously vanish from web pages including
google's cache. Even on this website when using google for example,
before I posted this topic I was searching this forum, to maybe get an
answer without posting things myself. By doing this search, look here:
site:bbs.heidi.ie disk encryption . As a first result I got this : "As
for whole disk encryption that is all well and good but in some
countries (now the UK) if you refuse to hand over your password or
encryption keys then ..." This is in fact removed from the cache and
from this forum directly. Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I do find it
very strange to say the least.
I have never had any issues with Eraser when using PGP WDE or Jetico WDE.