fully deleting EXTERNAL formatted hdd?(steps)


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I have downloaded ERASER, as I want to delete at the maxium security standards an external HDD, which already have been formatted(quick format),so that not even the most expert professional could recover any data(currently, due to format, there are no data -apparently- on the HDD). Could you point me the steps,. please? thanks
Sounds like you've already reformatted the HDD (i.e., so no files "appear" to exist); so now if you run Eraser to erase the unused (free) space on the external drive, any files that may still actually exist will be securely overwritten. This post in the FAQ section provides an excellent step-by-step overview. In particular, see the sections entitled "Erasing the Free Space on the drive" and "Erasing a complete (non-system) drive".

An alternative approach would be to use DBAN on the drive, which will overwrite everything on the drive whether or not you have already reformatted. See this post for more details on DBAN (or see the DBAN section of the Eraser forum).

(You can burn DBAN to to a LiveCD and boot your computer from the LiveCD to automatically wipe any HDDs DBAN can detect. I haven't used it for external USB HDDs, but several user reports in the DBAN forum at SourceForge clearly indicate DBAN detected and unintentionally wiped external USB HDDs users forgot were still connected when they DBAN. In your case, DBAN would do the same for any internal HDDs in the computer, so if you decide to use it to wipe an external HDD, you should FIRST DISCONNECT ANY INTERNAL DRIVES YOU DO NOT WANT TO WIPE. I believe the external drive will also have to be repartitioned after using DBAN before it can be used again.)

Hope that helps! :)