Functionality missing on 5.86


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I have a new computer, and downloaded and installed version 5.86 of eraser. It doesn't work like the previous edition I was using. I read the instructions but, even though I thought I was computer literate, fail to make any sense of them. I was able in the old edition to right click and get the eraser line in the drop down menu. I have totally failed to find a way to do that in this edition. Also, Eraser was installed as part of my recycle bin before, not now. Has the programme really changed that much? Still running XP 2.
Is it still possible to download the older version which had the features I miss?
Thanks for your help.
Glad to hear it and thank you for taking the time to report back. :)

Please keep checking here for the release of Eraser V6 final. Eraser V6.2 or V6.3 will have some very useful features !