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Using v6.0.9 from website on new win7 x64 dual core. All the functional diversity shown on p6&7 of the PDF help file is missing entirely. Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstaled with same results. Basic erase works, but advanced specification of tasks (the box of settings) is missing entirely. Thanks for your great work but would really like all those neat functions. Love the great use of "et" sign instead of American preference of ampersand. What font does this board use??
Either right-click the white space in the Eraser Schedule dialog or double-click an existing task to get the Task Properties dialog.

The board uses Trebuchet MS.
Erase Settings options not present

I just installed the latest version, on two diferent XP computers, and in both cases, when I go to "erase settings", there is nothing available in the drop-downs.
In contrast, the 6.0.6 version that I have on this computer (a W-7) shows the options in the 3 drop-downs.
With the others, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and doing a "complete" vs. "standard" install, but it makes no difference! Advise would be greatly appreciated! THanks, Bob
Your XP machines have probably not been updated with the latest Root Certificates. See this thread.