GDI Error: Can Not Compute Text Size


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that is the error i am recieving on differant (but not all) programs. all my fonts are screwed up as well. i just downloaded and and used the program (eraser) on unused disk space on my c drive for the first time today. any help please?
i can't play any of my mp3's because of this (i use ashampoo media player)
its been awhile but i figured it out, all it took was a restart and all my fonts came back.

i was running eraser while browsing the internet, (firefox) left for awhile, came back and opened a notepad. Nothing would type! checked to make sure i was plugged in still. yep. opened firefox and went to another forum i frequent. noticed i had "new" fonts. tried to play an mp3, my player came up blank (no text anywhere). Posted here. restarted. fixed.

since i didnt get any replies i assume this has either happened very often or not your problem.

anyway, i only write this to say that all is fine and if anyone ever has this problem after running eraser, to just restart.
plastichead - Thanks for posting both the problem and the fact that you got it resolved (I didn't see your post until just now).

It's really not a good idea to do a freespace run with Eraser while you're using the computer, to begin with, because a free-space wipe is pretty processor-intensive. Free-space wipes should be done when the computer's not being used for anything else.

Glad it's fixed! Pete
I only ever use the freespace wipe when nothing else is running and after the run is finished I always restart the computer. I once had a few small problems using the computer after a freespace wipe and found a restart cleared them.