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Regarding erasing unused space on the hard drive:
Does this cover defragmentation or is it necessary to
also run separate defrag. software.
If you run only defrag. software does this cover erasing unused space so there is no need for eraser?
Eraser does not defragement as well.

You should use the following proceedure:
1. Erase your Unused space using Eraser.
2. Defragment your drive.

If you defragment a drive first and then do a freespace erase after, you may find traces of an erased file because the original file is potentially moved all over the disk. The current copy is erased but a forensic scan of the drive may locate parts of the file where it was being moved around during the defragmentation.

Umm surely using eraser to wipe free space it should work regardless of whether the hdd was defragmented or not.

Any files that get moved around duringthe defragmenting are more than likely meant to be there so itshouldnt make a difference
i want to erase my unused space, will this affect other files on that drive in any way?
Erase & defrag.

If my memory serves me right,Sami Tolvanen recommended erasing both before and after defragging for better security.