German translation

Only Italian and Dutch are available at the moment, we don't have any German volunteers.
Okay, sure. Uhhh, I'll, eh, I'm not sure myself -- Could I get you in contact with Andrea Ramaciotti who's doing our Italian translation for extra information?
THere's a Trac article on translations (look around in the wiki) It's quite detailed. Translate trunk, always.
Thank you. Since I don't have Visual C# .NET, only Visual Basic .NET, even in Express Edition, I decided to translate the file(s) in an XML-Editor.
I hope this works as will since I leave the schama untouched. :)

Edit: Finished. Where can I post it? :)
You can post it as a patch on Trac. I'll include it in Trunk later today (if it compiles, that is)
I did this at the fresh morning. I hope it works, please let me know if there are problems while compiling since my editor removed the UTF-8-Header from the XML-File (I mean the binary one, not the XML one).
Perhaps opening in the IDE will fix this problem automalicy. :)
I would suggest you go monitor Trac directly (using the CC field) I commented on your patch.