get Eraser OFF my windows explorer right click menu!


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excellent program, works great but the eraser link is at the top of my windows explorer right click pop up menu. after i select a file/directory, then right click, i am faced with immediate loss of that selection if i mis-click on the 'default-yes" when (or if) the next click happens mistakenly! i want to get rid of that 'easy eraser'. i know its in the registry, some kind of shell execute thing, BUT WHERE?
follow up>> if i could move the eraser command DOWN the list so i would be forced to choose, rather than accidentally click automatically that would be fine too. having that eraser be the default action is just plain dangerous!
Launch Eraser as an application. On the Eraser tool bar, select Settings. On the Settings pane, uncheck the checkbox for "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer".