Goofy Eraser toolbar


In Eraser version 5.6, why are the toolbar buttons so odd? [?]

The button with the "left arrow" image (which implies "Previous" or "Go Back") has a tooltip which says "New Task".

The button with a "right arrow" image is always greyed out for me, but its tooltip says "Paste".

The button with the "double arrow" image (which to me implies "Refresh") has a tooltip which says "Edit Properties", and that actually is what it does.

The button with the "scissors" image has a tooltip which says "About", and again, it actually is the "About" button. Strange!

The context menu is goofy as well.

I only just noticed this, and it is of course not a big deal. It just makes me curious to know how long it has been that way. [:)]
Yeah I noticed that too. The toolbar "icons" are not depictions of the actual functions of the buttons themselves. The tooltips however describe the actual function, but the pictures do not. Same with the right-click context menu within the main part of the program itself.

Looks like its time for the developers of Eraser to create some more *appropriate* icons for the toolbar and context menu icons.