Gutmann 35-pass too fast?


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I recently updated from Eraser 6.0.3 to 6.07 and noticed that the Gutmann method 35-pass is much, much faster than before. It's even faster than the 1-pass methods.
Before it took about 15 minues to erase a larger file, no it takes about 1 minutes (with Pseudorandom data it takes about 5 or more).
How can that be? I'm not sure if the data is erased now completely because Eraser doesn't really seem to overwrite anything.
I take it that the file was erased, and is not recoverable using a file recovery program. Is there anything in the Task Log?

As a query like this has been raised before, I did a test, using a development build (2241); I used this because, in the more recent builds, the log shows task start and finish times. I erased two copies of the same 71.5MB file, one using a single pass method, the other using Gutmann. The single pass erase took 1 second, or possibly less; the Gutmann erase took 29 seconds. Neither file was recoverable, or even identified, by Recuva.