Hangs at "Installing Updates"


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I'm trying to update to from using the built-in Check for Updates. The process finds the update, downloads it, but then just hangs at "Installing Updates".
Any UAC prompts appearing?
This may or may not be the same problem as the one I reported on the Beta forum. In my case, I was testing the function, and did not expect Eraser find a more recent build, as I called the updater from beta build 2284. Other than this post, I shall continue my responses on this issue in the beta forum, to avoid splitting the discussion.

Any ideas?

When I download the installer for and run it I get the error "A newer version of Eraser is already installed. Setup will now exit."

EDIT: Nevermind. I see this has been reported before. I'll uninstall 6.0.7 and install the newer version.
I think I'll have to test thing, however, only after I check that the problem affecting the Beta builds and these builds are the same one. Could you post back in a few days' time to check?