Hard drive 99% full after running Eraser, b4 was 25% full

I found the %LOCALAPPDATA% finally just where you said it would be!!! I cliked on show hidden files. It had a date of the task list ersx file of 7:56am this morning. That must have been when the Erase from last night finished. Ok, so it is working and Vista won't allow all of the cluster tips to be erased. But now I understand that the program did do its thing of erasing free space. Joel, did the latest nightly build eliminate the garbage file because I can't find it, nor did I have most of the hard drive fill up from the garbage like it did the first time I used Eraser 6.
DavidHB said:
The advantages of using the environment variable are (1) it is shorter, (2) the path description is does not change with the user name and (3) it ignores any folder option to hide hidden files and folders, and AppData is a hidden folder.
Advantage 4: the path doesn't change with operating system locale, either...
DavidHB said:
FredricJLowe said:
Thank you David. Yes, that helped. So copied that file and pasted it into the address bar and it expanding and searched for that path, but there was nothing there. Could it be that I deleted that folder in a post above to Joel when I found the task list.ersx? I then searched for that in my entire computer in Explorer but still nothing appeared.
Odd. Are you sure that no C:\Users\<your user name>\Appdata\Local\Eraser 6 folder exists? I defer to Joel, but I thought that Eraser needs that folder to run. Windows Search by default doesn't look for or in hidden folders. Also make sure that in Folder Options (in Control Panel), you have ticked the box to enable hidden files to be seen; this is unticked by default.
I think he deleted it earlier... so yeah if it's blank it should be fine.
FredricJLowe said:
Joel, did the latest nightly build eliminate the garbage file because I can't find it, nor did I have most of the hard drive fill up from the garbage like it did the first time I used Eraser 6.
That's good then. The file is supposed to delete itself after the erase is done, but sometimes it just doesn't.
Found the solution when using Windows 10.
Eraser fills up all the free space on your hard drive? Fixed it! Im using windows 10 with eraser was not listed in the help. I was trying to figure out how to access the root folder as was described for windows 7. There was no way i was going to chance screwing up my pc. I accidentally FOUND the problem and the solution! When running Eraser and it fills the hard drive (if you have two internal hard drives, you'll choose which one you would like it to write over at the beginning of the manual process, in my case, I was not wanting to use eraser on my C: Drive, that one is fine.. I wanted to use eraser on my E: drive, my other internal hard drive) let it complete the process (if you were like me and panicked and cancelled the process, its ok.. you'll know better next time ;) ) When its finished, for Windows 10,
1. Go to My Computer
2. Double Click on the drive that was just filled by Eraser (the bar will be red)
3. Look for folders that are labeled with random letters or numbers
4. Hover over with your cursor (or right click on the folder(s) and go to properties on the bottom) to see the size (one of the folders I checked was 1.5tb) It'll be a good size folder.
5. Make double sure its the right folder. Here's how,
5A. Double click on the folder in question
5B. All the file names in the folder are random letters and or numbers on the left and all about equal in size (shown on the right of the files)
Example? Ok..
Folder Name - askdjfiouaw size - 225,577
Folder Name - kjkdjaiofioa size - 226,784
Folder Name - kaklsdkljiosj size - 264,583
There's the space now taken up by Eraser. Those little culprits are about to get deleted! That'll learn em!
6. Right click on each folder
7. Scroll down to delete, click delete
8. A box pops up, may say, folder too big for recycle bin, do you wish to permanently delete this folder(s)
9. Click, YES! (if the window pops up and says are you sure you wish to delete, or add to recycle bin, click yes. REMEMBER to empty your recycle bin)
10. Repeat for each folder that is similar.
11. DONE! There's your space back on your hard drive.
But...But.. But... Im scared to do that Ticker! What if its a folder that wasn't supposed to be deleted!?
Ahhhh, young grasshopper! Good question. To be 99.9% sure, look at the date at the bottom right of your screen.. You know, by the clock
.. Say it's 12/4/2019, on each folder right click on it, make sure you're in the "general" tab, and check the "date folder created". Dollars to donuts it corresponds with the day Eraser was used.

Hope this helps