Hard Drive Encryption


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I would like to know if the Eraser software is compatible with a hard drive encryption tool. The encryption we use is done outside of windows. The product is called Checkpoint's PointSec. I have a couple of users that are getting ready to travel overseas and they have been thinking about using Eraser before they head out. Please give me your thoughts on compatibility between these two products. - Geoff
There should be no issue, as Eraser works within the filesystem (in Windows). I've run it on a few TrueCrypt partitions and it seems to work just fine. If PointSec works like TrueCrypt... there shouldn't be an issue.
To add to Joel's answer, Eraser, by deliberate design, does not handle files encrypted or compressed by the NTFS file system. If your drives are not set to compress or encrypt files automatically, there should be no problem.