hard drive



i have had a new hard drive for about 1 month now and since i have used eraser the hard drive has had trouble accessing files quickly and make horrible jerking sound while its doing to. things just dont run as quick. the program its self runs fine, no problem but i though that when it eraes files it may damage the disks surface?

hard drive is a brand new Western Digital..
I would have a look for the temp folder “~ERAFSWD.TMP”
If found, erase it and the files therein.
This folder may have used up considerable space.

How to find the ~ERAFSWD.TMP Folder to erase it:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click on View->Options and Show Hidden Files.
Run a Find.
3. If found Erase it.

If you wish to use the command prompt you can type “deltree X:\~ERAFSWD.TMP”, where X is the drive letter

Or, if you still cannot find it.
1. Run ScanDisk.
2. Using File Finder in Windows, look for files that were changed around the date/time you ran Eraser. This may find it.
3. Erase it.