Hardware raid drives



What about systems with SCSI drives in Raid 1 or Raid 5 configurations. Thus multiple drives show up as one drive. Will DBAN erase these while they're still configured as Raid?
Hmmm. I'm sort of surprised at the response. Do you mean it won't recognize the controller? Looks like if it did, it'd just do its overwriting work and the controller'd handle the rest of putting the 1's and 0's where they belong according to the type of raid.

DBAN does not recognize soft RAID arrays. If the soft RAID array is composed of individually exported disks, then DBAN will recognize and wipe each disk individually.

It is pointless to wipe a soft RAID array as a logical device.

The dban-1.0.3 release, and all releases prior, do not have drivers for real RAID hardware. Note that most Promise and Highpoint devices are not hard RAID implementations, DBAN can see the component devices attached to these controllers and wipe them individually.
Examples of soft RAID arrays are:
  • Microsoft dynamic volumes.
  • BSD RAIDframe devices.
  • Linux MD devices.
  • EVMS devices.
  • LVM devices.
DBAN will wipe the component devices of these soft arrays and destroy the volume.

Examples of faux RAID controllers are:
  • HighPoint HPT
  • Promise FastTrak
  • Any ATA controller that is built into a motherboard.
DBAN will wipe the component devices of these faux arrays and destroy the volume.

If you are unsure whether your device is a hard RAID implementation, then it probably isn't. Real RAID devices are expensive.